Compact and Portable Match Factor Finish
Double Doors, LED Lighting & ClearView™ Window
100% Weld Dust Collector, 90 Sq.Ft. Cartridge


PRO G/S (grit shot) NEW for 2018

Media Blast pressure machines are available in many sizes for many different applications. The NEW Pro G/S model is a more compact cabinet size that has specific applications for blending repaired parts, heads and other repaired items. Matching Factory Finishes, Camouflaging Repairs and Blending 3-D parts is also a Pro G/S application. This New Pro G/S design fits those small spaces, perfect for R&D (research and development) and smaller shops when direct pressure is needed.



The Pro G/S uses all negative pressure cartridge dust collector with pneumatic vibrator cleaning cycle. Because steel shot and grit is mostly low dust the Pro G/S retains the all-negative pressure dust collector, 90 sq.ft. of MERV tested cartridge filtration and hopper bottom dust storage with service access door, great combination for low dust steel abrasives.

The unit includes a large ClearView™ 13” x 24” view window with tool-less replacement, low static window protector, and cabinet rear wall rubber protector is another standard feature.

The 0.8 cubic foot ASME coded pressure pot is standard and includes the pot service access port for any future pressure pot maintenance.

If you need to use shot or grit this is the perfect unit that includes a large list of standard features.

Included Features

  • 1 to 1-1/2 hours / day
  • Value for Dollar
  • 13” x 24” ClearView™ Window
  • Anti-Static Window Protector Glass
  • Rubber Back Liner
  • Patented Separator Reclaimer
  • Window Sweep
  • 8” Work Ports
  • Padded Armrest
  • Easy to use Operator Control Panel
  • 0.8 Cubic Foot ASME Coded Pressure Pot with access port
  • Tool-less Window Replacement
  • 25 CFM Nozzle
  • LED Lighting, 30 Watts
  • Operator Work Grates
  • Automatic Pot Blow-Down Controls for quick pot loading
  • Fine Tuning Choke Valve flow control
  • HD Shot Mixing Valve
  • Air Regulator-Gauge-Water Trap
  • Foot Operated Blast
  • Right and Left Side Access Doors
  • 500 CFM Blower
  • Dust Collector Service Door
  • MERV tested filter cartridges, 90 sq.ft.
  • Vibrator Cleaning Cycle, dust collector
  • Machine Casters
  • 120 Volt Operation

Buying Guide

If you’re not sure whether the ALL NEW PRO G/S is the best fit for your needs, check out our Buying Guide or give us a call - our goal is to help you buy the right machine the first time!


Pro G/S Specifications

Inside Cabinet                       36”Wx24”Dx24”H

Overall Cabinet                    38”Wx35”Dx81”H

Door                                       19” x 19”H

Pressure Pot ASME            0.8 Cu.Ft.

Air Usage                              Up to 25 cfm

Electrical                               120 Volt-60Hz

Dust Collector                      Cartridge 90 Sq.Ft. with 500 CFM Blower

Cleaning Cycle                    Pneumatic Vibrator

Shipping Weight                  470 lbs. 

Printed Literature Sheet

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