Complete Direct Pressure Soda Blaster
Easy to Use Operator Dash and Pressure Pot
Two Ways to Clean, Air Pulse, Vibrator or Both
<span style="color: #ff0000;">The New</span> Cobra Stage I Direct Pressure Soda Blasting Cabinet

The New Cobra Stage I Direct Pressure Soda Blasting Cabinet

The Dust Collector on the Cobra Stage I has two cleaning circuits; pneumatic vibrator cleaning cycle and the air pulse cleaning cycle. These can be operated together or independently.The All-New EasyClean Cartridge Filters are special material making cleaning fast and simple.

The machine includes a New Operator Dash Panel allowing easy operator control changes.

The Cobra Stage I comes with two nozzles, the 0.147 and the longer 4-1/2 inch 90-degree for reaching down into hard to clean areas, this is a direct pressure machine that allows blind hole and cross drill cleaning.



The Cobra Stage I Soda Blaster is a cost effective model when you need a soda blasting cabinet for smaller parts and lower part production using smaller air compressors.

The smaller footprint requires less shop floor space and two doors allow placement in different locations that a single door machine often does not allow.

All Media Blast soda blasters use the All-New GhostFlowTM soda delivery system with low compressed air usage, low soda usage and patented separator reclaimer. The unique soda dropout system with patented separator prevents the used soda from transferring into the dust collector allowing longer machine operation before dust collector service is required.

Media Blast soda models are available in Stage I, II and III, allowing users to choose the machine that best fits their application needs. Look to the N-200 Soda Stage II unit for larger cabinets with longer daily machine duty cycle, larger dust collector and higher daily soda delivery. The Blizzard Stage III is the most advanced soda model offered today with self-cleaning dust collector that includes manual over-ride controls and cartridge filter monitor gauge.

Included Features

  • Up to one (1) hour daily machine duty cycle suggested
  • Value for Dollar
  • 13” x 24” ClearView™
  • Anti-Static Window Protector Glass
  • 500 CFM Blower
  • Easy Clean Filters, 90 Sq.Ft.
  • Vibrator Cleaning Cycle
  • Air Pulse Cleaning Cycle
  • Top Window Sweep
  • 8” Work Ports
Low Air Usage
  • Easy to use Operator Control Panel
  • Air Regulator-Gauge-Water Trap
  • Free Standing 0.8 C.F ASME Code Soda Delivery with  GhostFlow™ Soda Controls
  • Manual Soda Pot Loading 
  • Main Air Inlet Shut-Off Valve
  • Fine Tuning Soda Flow Choke Valve
  • Stainless Steel Soda Metering Valve
  • Vibrator Assist Soda Feed with On-Off Controls
  • Easy to use Full Front Treadle Blast Pedal
Low Soda Flow
  • Right and Left Side Access Doors
  • Operator Work Grates
  • Advanced LED Lighting
  • Used Soda Dropout Hopper
  • Tool-less Window Replacement
  • 10-12 cfm GhostFlow™ Soda Delivery
  • Patented Separator Reclaimer
  • Down Draft Airflow
  • Blow-Off Gun

Buying Guide

If you’re not sure whether the Cobra Stage I Direct Pressure Soda Blasting Cabinet is the best fit for your needs, check out our Buying Guide or give us a call - our goal is to help you buy the right machine the first time!


New Cobra Stage I Soda Blaster with State of the Art GhostFlow™ soda delivery technology, used soda drop out system, LED Cabinet Lighting and 0.8 C.F. pressure pot.

Inside Cabinet                      42”Wx24”Dx26”H
Overall Cabinet                    47”Wx37”Dx63”H
Door (2)                                 20” x 21-3/4”H
Soda Delivery                      0.8 Cu.Ft.
Air Usage                              10-12 CFM
Electrical                               120 Volt-60Hz
Dust Collector                      Easy Clean Cartridge
Dust Collector Blower         500 CFM
Shipping Weight                  400 lbs. 

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